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We are busy gearing up for the Iowa Wool and Sheep Festival in Ames, Iowa June 14-16.

You will find us there with our special collection yarn spun from Battenkill Fibers in a one of a kind blend of Cormo, Corriedale, and Leicester Longwool.  It is sleek, soft, and has that amazing Leicester sheen.  Make sure you stop by and give it a squeeze and take some home!  This collection’s blend will never be reproduced again!

This year’s collection has been inspired by Illinois’ wild and native flowers.  You will find our state’s grass, Bluegrass, as well as our state flower, Violets.  There is just 100 skeins of this special collection!

If you are able to stop by, you will also find our amazing fleeces.  Coated Cormo and Corriedale along with a few pounds of Leicester Longwool locks will be available.  There will also be Cormo in the fleece competition and available after the judging in the silent auction.